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Thump Coffee - Bend Oregon

Thump Coffee

I finally purchased a beverage from thump coffee in Downtown Bend. I'm not a big coffee drinker. I'll have one cup of coffee in the morning on the weekdays and maybe a cup with some Baileys on the weekend. For the most part I don't participate is spending $3-$4 (plus tip jar change) for a cafe latte.

The other day I was meeting a friend downtown so we met up for a cup of coffee at thump. I brought my stainless steel to-go cup from the house as it keeps the coffee hotter for a longer time since it takes me a while to finish a 16 ounce, triple shot, vanilla latte. Not to mention reduces waste...just doing my part. Cost me something like $3.65 (10 cent discount for bringing in my own cup) and I dropped the coins into the tip jar. We all know my opinion of tip jar etiquette but this time I was going to hang out for a bit and to be honest, it was just a knee jerk reaction.

The wife loves the coffee she gets from thump and when we eat lunch downtown we will usually swing by either thump or Balay so she can get a cup of joe or some bubble tea respectively.

My vanilla latte was really good. Its my staple drink when I do go to a coffee shop so I feel comfortable in saying that the vanilla latte that I had at thump is one of the best I've had. I'd go there again.

thump coffee
25 Northwest Minnesota Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 388-0226

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