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Los Jalapenos - Bend Oregon

Los Jalapenos

I say "I like such and such Mexican Restaurant" and all I get back is "You have to try Los Jalapenos, you have to go to Taco Stand" and so on. Look suckah, I have been there. I've been everywhere.

Los Jalapenos is good. I went there with a buddy who hadn't been back to LJ's in ages. The last time I was there, I thought it was a lot less expensive. My burrito and a beer came to $12. I am still trying to add up why it cost so much. Maybe the enchilada sauce is made from ground diamonds.

Anyway, my Al Pastor burrito served wet was pretty damn good and the size was impressive.

Los Jalapenos
The food was good. I'm not sure if I'll do it again though. There isn't a whole lot of seating so what do you do when there are not any spots available? Take it back to my cubicle to stink up the whole office? Well I guess it would smell better than the burnt microwaved popcorn and 99 cent budget gourmets.

Suggestions on what I should get if I do end up going back are gladly accepted. Maybe something that can be easily transported back to my desk.

Los Jalapenos
601 NE Greenwood Ave
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-1402

Map of Los Jalapenos

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Blogger aaron said...

I like the fajita plate. It's gotten pretty pricey though. FYI - ground diamonds are bad for your teeth.


August 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE Los Jalapenos, but you are right, their prices have gone up quite a bit over the years. Bummer.
I really love the student burrito. It's on the little black board that hangs above the register. I think it's $4.95 and is huge. But it's enchilada style and would probably be too messy to take back to your desk. Their tacos are really good too, and pretty big for the price. Yummy!

November 01, 2008  

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