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Entrees Made Easy - Oregon Part 3

Entrees Made Easy

After the delicious Pad Thai we sampled the other two dishes that I was able to score from Entrees Made Easy. Starting with the Shanghai Steak - a London broil "marinated in an Asian-inspired blend of sweet molasses, ginger, and soy sauce."
I prepped my grill and even though I know how to grill a steak I followed the instructions. For grilling the instructions read "Grill for 10-13 minutes per side or until desired degree of doneness is reached."

I didn't want to grill the steak 10-13 minutes per side, I thought that was way too long. I barely made it to 8 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore and flipped the steak. I cooked it for another 6-7 minutes and took it off the grill and rested it.

Slicing it up I realized that it was a little overcooked for our liking. I like medium to medium rare. The photo below shows the best slice (not to mention the amazing grill lines, I know what I'm doing on that grill man) of the steak.

Now the London broil is not my preferred piece of beef. I wouldn't get this beef when I go back. I liked the Pad Thai and it made sense to me to try something that I normally wouldn't make at home. And to me, steaks and marinades are fairly easy. But it was good to try.

On a weeknight we tried the Crispy Chicken Strips. I had to get these to review since one of my friends LOVES her crispy chicken.

VERY easy to prepare! Took only a minute or two to get these guys into the oven. When they came out they were tender, juicy, and delicious.


Molten Lava Cakes!!!

And you know how the wife has to do it...

All in all, for the money, it was definitely worth the trip. Since they do not charge extra for assembling the meals for you, I'd take full advantage of that.

Entrees Made Easy
3188 N. Highway 97 Suite 105
Bend, OR 97701


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The molten lava cake looks scrumptious!!!

September 14, 2007  

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