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Entrees Made Easy - Oregon Part 2

Entrees Made Easy

Part two of my review of Entrees Made Easy is the actual cooking and consumption of the meals that I prepped while at the facilities. The day I came home from Entrees Made Easy I had three meals to choose from. Chicken Pad Thai, Shanghai Beef, and Crispy Chicken Strips.

The instructions read not to freeze the Pad Thai so I decided to make that one first. I got my pot of boiling water together to make the pasta just like I would make some spaghetti and while that was working I started my prep work.

Everything was easy to follow and I made my way through the steps. One thing that sort of confused me was that the instructions asked me to add peanut oil to the wok. The big benefit to prepping up your meal at Entrees Made Easy is that they have all the ingredient that you don't stock at home. Unfortunately, I don't have peanut oil in my inventory.

I have vegetable oil, sesame oil, and EVOO. I used the sesame oil. Other than that, it all went pretty smooth. I got to use our wok for the first time...the wife uses it more often.

Absolutely delicious! Very spicy, which I like but some might think it's a bit too spicy. When you prep up this meal, you might want to take it easy on the heat.

We got the three half orders for our meals which runs $39. For this half order, it was much more food than the two of us could eat and we were able to eat the left overs the next day. I hope to see the Pad Thai on the menu again as I'd get it for sure.

This meal made a bit of a mess and it took me longer than I expected but when you consider all of the prep work and the ingredients list, the value and time saving made it worth while. Plus this is a dish that I normally wouldn't think to make at home cause I don't know how, don't have the ingredients, and don't really have the time.

Next post will be on the Shanghai Steak.

Entrees Made Easy
3188 N. Highway 97 Suite 105
Bend, OR 97701


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Blogger The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh you really love spicy food. Should invite you over for dinner one of these days :)

Btw, have been wanting to tell you. I finally found a Chinese restarant that doesn't serve salty food - Hong Kong on 3rd. Went there the other day and thought, wow not salty and pretty good actually.

September 12, 2007  

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