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Letzer's Deli - Bend Oregon

Letzer's Deli

A Deli like Letzer's has been needed in Bend ever since my favorite deli, good ol' Speedshop, closed its doors. I see on TV where someone goes into a NY style deli and gets one of those crazy high sandwiches stacked with pastrami or corned beef so tall there's no way in hell you can bite it like a regular sandwich. I've always wanted to get a deli sandwich like that. The one time I went to NY I ate at one of these deli's but it was 8am and I wasn't prepped for a pound of beef that early before a full day of meetings.

I saw a photo of a sandwich from Letzer's at the Source Weekly - here - and immediately sent off an invite to some friends that I felt might enjoy eating here with me. Before I take off to get my eat on, I check out their website in hopes to see the menu. After suffering a stroke induced by the wack ass color scheme and HUGE fonts sizes (seriously, I thought El Sancho's site was bad...this is pretty bad) I get the menu I was looking for. I make my plan to get a Turkey and Pastrami combo. We head out to the old Big O' Bagel spot in that strip mall by Blockbuster, Jackalope Grill, and Tortillaria Reyes.

Turkey, Pastrami, and Swiss - $9.75

Letzer's Deli - Bend Oregon

Letzer's Deli
OH ... MY ... COW!! I hope these photos convey the magnitude of beef and fowl placed in front of me. It was impressive. I mean, I was sort of blushing. This sandwich sat in front of me with full confidence like that kid who was held back a year and already full on into puberty confidently walking bare assed into the showers. ehem, I was a late bloomer.

Look at it! Admire it! Want it. And that's not a tiny little Vlasik Smack'mm sitting in front of my pile o' meat, rather a full bodied, crispy, and very tasty dill pickle. I know @shanlee would approve of the pickles fo sho! Also served with pickled tomatoes. Also very good and I hate green tomatoes.

Not since Brother Jon's have I wanted to write a post so bad in order to make sure a restaurant doesn't go belly up before the rest of Bend even had a chance to try them out. Sort of like Bungalow Grille, Ciao Mambo, Volo, and every restaurant that has been in the 38 Degrees spot. I'm not saying that all these places were good, just left so fast and I definitely don't want that to happen to Letzer's.

I actually ate lunch at Letzer's and am writing this post a few hours later. My friends and I were contemplating what we'd try the next time we came back before we were half way finished with our sandwiches.

I do have a complaint (not just with the website) with the side dishes. I had the slaw which was insanely heavy with mayo and quite bland while my friends had to add mad salt and pepper to their bland potato salad. So the sides are almost an after thought and totally not necessary. Just get your pastrami on rye, which they have made special just for them and is awesome rye, with some spicy mustard and a couple pickles and you'll be in heaven.

Letzer's Deli
1155 SW Division St.
Bend, Oregon 97702


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8What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Shannon said...

OMG, that pickle looks amazing. I need to try that place out. Speaking of pickles, I have a jar for you but my husband says if you don't pick that jar up soon, it's gonna be in his belly.

July 22, 2010  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Thanks a h*ll of a lot! It is 0942 and I am now starving with 3 hours to go until lunch.

July 22, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see you can email in your order and have it ready for pick up!!!

July 22, 2010  
Anonymous monkeyinabox said...

If only the days of Nuke Paste would return. :(

Looks like good eats at Letzer's.

July 22, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like a GREAT place to enjoy a sandwich too bad the owner bought his equipment from Portland rather than spending money where he sleeps.

July 22, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sandwiches were huge AND good quality (plus, tasty); the Matzoh Ball Soup was just like grammy's (which isn't easy to come by): not too salty and plenty of flavor; and the pickles were crisp, spicy, but not too salty or spicy. I give Letzer's an official Jewish A +.

July 23, 2010  
Blogger Derek said...

Went here on the 22nd. Yep, sandwich's were huge, I should of shared one with the person I went with. I ate the whole, then promptly fell asleep at my desk.

July 26, 2010  
Blogger Bend, OR said...

I'll have to give this place a try. As one of the many, many transplants from the Bay Area, among the very few things I miss is having Jewish and Italian delis and killer sandwiches, everywhere. Lucca Delicatessen, North Beach Sandwich Shop, and even the ever present Toto's run rings around anything we have in Bend. Sometimes you just want a great salami and Swiss on a sourdough roll, and I'm sorry, but Subway ain't happenin'!

September 01, 2010  

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