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Versante Pizza - Bend Oregon

Versante Pizza

Versante Pizza probably has some good pizza. I say this because some other people have told me and HackBend gave them a thumbs up. Personally though, I don't know cause I went for lunch thinking that I'd get a slice of pizza. I looked online at their menu and saw that they have slices available at lunch:

The internet lied to me. Really internet? Really? I thought we were friends. I play with you all the time. I rely on you to be there for me so I can tweet, facebook, and foursquare in just like in the Perfect Storm, have you post to all three of them at the same time annoying all my psuedo friends! I NEED YOU INTERNETS!!!

They did not have slices and we almost walked. Bad start.

Being the trooper I am, I decided to get the Pizza Sub. I mean, if they have good pizza, the pizza sub should be good. Right?

Sigh, it was not. Hopefully crust is everything when it comes to a good pizza because obviously sauce, pepperoni, half melted mozz, and olives on a hogie was not. I didn't finish it and left feeling sad that I didn't know where the Pup Hut was. My friend was sad too.

The pizza at the only other occupied table looked good and I do want to get a real pizza from there. I just would not recommend the pizza sub.'s review

Versante Pizza
1085 SE Third Street
Bend, OR 97702


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