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Szechuan Restaurant - Bend Oregon (2010)

Szechuan Restaurant

Over the last few months I've been hitting up Szechuan Restaurant for lunch around once every two weeks or so. $5.50 you get your main dish with your choice of pork fried rice or white rice, hot n' sour soup or egg flower, egg roll or crab puffs. I'll help your white ass out. Get your broccoli chicken with fried rice, egg roll, and hot and sour soup.

The last three choices are a lock no matter what you order. No one gets egg flower soup or crab puffs. They aren't good. And if you think you're tricking someone by eating healthy and getting the white rice, you're fooling yourself. None of it is healthy.

My go to meal is sort of off menu for lunch - Mother's Chicken - just ask for it, they'll hook you up, hot and sour, fried rice, and then I ask for the shrimp egg roll which you'll see in the photo is bigger than your normal egg roll.

First up, the Hot and Sour soup:

I don't exactly know whats in here and I don't want to know. Its good and I grub it up. I have not had any issues since our 2006 episode.

Shortly after the food arrives:

Its all good and spicey. Now to be honest, I haven't been to Szechuan lately. Not since I read the health inspection. That stuff freaks me out. Clean your kitchen up and I might come back.

Szechuan Restaurant
1600 NE 3rd St # 97
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-9033


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900 Wall Happy Hour

900 Wall

I've written about 900 Wall before but this time I want to focus on their Happy Hour menu. Bend has some decent happy hours and when you find a great one, you want to hold on to it for dear life. At least for me it's like that. I love a good happy hour since I like to save money and when you go out to eat as often as I do, every little bit helps.

When you go to 900 Wall, ask for Ron or Gark for guaranteed great service...I give my word. I don't know all the servers but I know Ron from Trattoria Sbandati (my favorite restaurant right now). Gark (Derrick), if you are reading this, you have to tell me the story behind your knickname.

On our visit for the 900 Wall Happy Hour I went for the $5 pepperoni pizza and half dozen prawns at $1 each. The pizza is probably the best deal on the entire menu. Definitely get it.

I have a little issue with the prawns, they are not deviened. Maybe it's just me but I don't like eating the poop shoot out of the prawns. Come to think of it, I don't like eating anything's poop shoot. Am I peeling them wrong or something? When I buy prawns in the market, they are deveined, I'd gladly pay a little extra to litterally not eat shrimp doodie.

The wife got a $4 greyhound and the $8 900 Wall Burger with bacon. She gave me a bite and it was very good. She said it was an awesome burger.

Here's the menu and a quick comment on each that I've tried:

900 Wall Happy Hour
3 to 6pm nightly

$1 each
oysters on the ½ shell - Very good, get them
peel & eat shrimp - eh, good but I don't like the poop
potato & chorizo fritters - Did not like them, wouldn't recommend

$3 each
house made french fries - Good
mixed green salad - never tried
caesar salad - never tried
stuffed piquillo peppers - never tried

$4 each
fried green beans - Very good, get em

$5 each
grilled pork shoulder - never tried
w/ tomato, arugula & garlic
pepperoni pizza - Definitely get the pizza
caesar salad w/ chicken - never tried
portobello sandwich - My mom loved it

$7 each
lamb sausage pizza - Others liked it but I didn't care for it.
w/ roasted red peppers & goat cheese
rotisserie chicken pizza - never tried
w/ bacon, gorgonzola & thyme
pulled pork sandwich - never tried
w/ jalapenos, pickled onions, cilantro and napa cabbage

$8 each
beef carpaccio - Good, I thought it had too much cheese though.
w/ truffle oil, parmesan & whole grain mustard
900 wall burger - Very good
w/ grilled sweet onion, arugula & aioli
add $1 for gorgonzola, gruyere or bacon
prosciutto pizza - ok, haven't had it since their soft opening
w/arugula, truffle oil and parmesan

900 Wall
900 NW Wall St
Bend, OR 97701

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