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Friday Comments

I have been busy lately and haven't taken the time to write up one of my clever, award winning, reviews. So instead of taking time to write something good, I thought I'd just post a comment or two that I found amusing.

"The best fast Mexican food is, by far, Del Taco. Taco Bell is El Segundo (second). The fact of the matter is I grew up and lived in East LA, and man, you don't have any good Mexican restaurants, or Donut shops (yep just a donut and a cuppa coffee to read the morning paper, or a Burger place, or seafood (shame on you)). Want a good burger? Go to Inn 'N Out (franchises) in California..... Best fries too. Shame on you. Wanna good meal in Bend????? The deli at Safeway"

I was born in East LA. But one day while trying to pick up my cousin I got deported....cause I didn't have my wallet (I lost it in El Segundo - I got to get it, got got to get it). I spent the next 90 minutes trying to pay my way back to East LA by taking all sorts of jobs like selling oranges and teaching slang English to others. Shame on you for being all over the map with your comment and your taste for shitty chain restaurants.

"NOT a fan of El Caporal. I don't understand all the hype this place gets. Hubby and I call in El CRAP oral! Go to El Rodeo instead."

HAHAHAHA How incredibly clever. You took El CAPoral and called it EL CRAP (wait for it) oral!!! HAHAHA genius. Why do I even write my reviews? I'll just change up the names of restaurants and call it a day. The best part is that you recommend El Rodeo (or El BLOWdeo hehehe) which is owned by the same family as El Caporal. Its all the same damn food! Duurrrrrr.

"BOR - I love Rigo's. Best food for the buck. Maybe you should stick to the foo foo places and leave the real judging to us hard working Americans. See you at Ariola....not."

This one was pretty good. In one sentence, this anonymous comment called me out as a lazy non-American that only likes fine dining. Sorry to disappoint the "hard working" Americans out there with my comments about Rigobertos. After reading my review again, I guess I can see how someone might find it a little rough on them, especially if they were a fan of Rigo's. I still agree with my comments...decent but not worth going back. I got lucky once by not getting ill, I'd rather not push my luck.

Hard working Americans. That one hurts bro. What do I have to do to relate to you, the hard working American? Do I have to work construction, take my lunch to work in a pale, wear a hard hat, go to strip clubs, hang out at the D&D, eat off of gut trucks, complain about all the Californians, watch Nascar, live in Prineville, talk about the good ol' days of varisty football, make gay jokes, and watch Nashville Star? Nah, I'm good. Thanks for the comment though. Made me laugh.

Anyway, have a good weekend y'all.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be a little far... but you should try Los Compadres in Madras if you get a chance. El Pastor burrito or even a sunday soup (pasole)... best mexi food Ive had so far in Oregon. Bend mexiacan chains are the worst. What is this slaw that that put on the table? Never seen it?

March 26, 2009  

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