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bistro corlise

bistro corlise

The Wife is kicking me, and I'm kicking myself for not trying to get us seats at bistro corlise's Head to Tail Dinner on Feb. 22. The event is already sold out but I still needed to mention it. 15 course dinner of deliciously pork heaven. Chef Logan is working some serious magic with this pork filled menu from Confit of pig heart and sprouted lentils to Pork blood Ravioli with pig snout filling to braised pork tongue and ham hock with cabbage.

KICKING MYSELF! I want some pig ears...I like pigs feet! I'm sad.

The Wife and I went to dinner at bistro corlise the other night and we can't stop talking about it. Seriously, if you haven't been to bistro corlise, stop crying about the restaurants that are gone and not coming back and get out there to one of the best restaurants in Bend.

We ordered some wine with Allison's help - hostess with the mostess. We strategized our dinner plan and placed our order. We enjoyed our wine and watched people walking by - including one couple that was calling it quits for the evening. He didn't want to quit but she'd had enough. His hug was not returned and they went separate ways. I like window seats.

For our first course I ordered the Pork Sausage with pork belly and turnip ragout ($9) and the wife wanted the camaroli rice with lamb sweetbread, shaved lamb heart, and mustard seed vinaigrette ($9)

All good things about both of these dishes. Our plates went back spotless. We put the plates side by side in between us and just snacked on both. I was avoiding the chanterelle mushroom looking things in the Wife's rice under the lamb sweetbreads. Finally I couldn't avoid them and gave it a try. Very meaty. I was happy and then I found out that it was not mushroom, but the lamb heart shavings! I was in heaven. I've never tried lamb heart but I would gladly do it again.

Oh the sweetbreads were so tender and saltylicious. The first time I ever tried sweetbreads was the first time I visited bistro corlise. On that visit they were veal and very good. I liked the lamb even better.

Next up was the salad course and we selected the bean salad with air dried ham, oil cured olives, preserved lemon, and olive oil ($9). I was against the idea of a bean salad until it arrived at the table. I dove in soooo fast that I forgot to get the photo. We quickly put it back together and I took the shot while the Wife impatiently tapped her toe.

Air dried ham under and throughout the salad. It was more of a ham salad vs a bean salad. Unfortunately for me, the bean was lima. I ate around them. I don't like lima beans.

Next up were the main attractions. The last time I went to bistro corlise I said that I wanted to come back for the duck. Luckily for me, the duck was on the menu. Seared duck breast with duck confit, parsnip, and natural jus ($31). I was a little apprehensive about getting the duck as the $31 price tag was a little high for me but said eff it.

Definitely worth the money. The breast was cooked and seasoned to perfection. Not too much going on with it letting the quality of the duck speak for itself. The parsnips soaked up the jus and were little bites of salty soaked vegg. If you're going to eat veggies, soaking them in duck juice is the only way to go. I also liked the little bits of duck niblets throughout.

The wife went for the seared hanger steak with pearl barley and wild mushrooms ($20).

She loved it, said it was hearty. I didn't really care for her main but she ate it up. I was focused on my duck. I excused myself to utilize the facilities. When I returned to the table, my plate was more in the middle of the table, not where I left it. The wife tried to play it off. She steals.

Chef Logan, who had delivered some of our dishes himself and heard our disappointment about not getting in on the Head to Tail dinner, treated us to the dessert that will be served at said dinner. Chocolate and blood truffle, candied cocoa nibs, cumin vinaigrette.

MMMMmmmmm blood. The nibs were good, no complaints. Very interesting dessert. If it weren't for the sweet chocolate coating, I don't know if I could have eaten all of it, the blood/chocolate inside was quite bitter. But the combo was good.

Like I said, if you haven't been to bistro corlise yet, get there. It is some of the finest dining in Bend.

bistro corlise
916 NW Wall St.
Bend OR 97701


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I've blogged about Chef Logan's cooking and wine pairings before. He's a master.

February 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another fan of Jasons cooking here. He really is a master. As you said, instead of lamenting the loss of some nice restaurants, get out there and support Corlise(as well as many of the other great restaurants in town). It truly is a higher level of cooking than most will experience, and you'll get to try things you may have thought you never would....yes, I'm one of the lucky 15 =).

February 09, 2009  

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