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Hottest Dog - Bend Oregon

The Hottest Dog

Oh mamma, hot dogs have to be one of my favorites other than Mexican Cuisine. My jobless friend joined me for some afternoon hot dogs at the aptly named The Hottest Dog before going to see a movie in the old mill.

After briefly looking over the menu on the wall we both went for the Coney - all beef hot dog topped with Coney Sauce (to me its chili but some think chili needs beans, so coney sauce is bean less chili if that makes sense to you), cheese and onions. Since I'm a ladies man, I opt out on the onions but my jobless friend does not...hmmm coincidence?

The Hottest Dog is awesome! I love the place thus far. I returned just the other day and ended up with the foot long Coney. I will be trying out the other dogs on the menu fo sho playah. And their fries are amazing. Crispy and thin, with enough salt to keep a junky like me happy.

My girl Laurie Rice (who doesn't know me) wrote a review on The Hottest Dog for the Source which I enjoyed. I'd recommend waiting until after you eat to read the review since she uses lines like "...membrane-encased meat wrapped in a squishy white bun..." and "Maybe Bendites are craving a messy tube of beef housed in a carb-laden bun."

Yeah, that's sexy. Can I get some extra membrane with mine?

The Hottest Dog
680 SW Powerhouse Dr. #1002
Bend OR 97701

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Blogger Chillable said...

Dude, yes! Love the Hottest Dog! I'm a big fan of the can you go wrong with a whole dill pickle up on yer dog?
Now see, I did try the chili dog, and I was personally not a fan of all the beans. I was wanting something a lot more like what you're describing on the Coney. Must...go...back...

October 16, 2007  
Blogger Jen said...

Gimme a ballpark, with sweet potato fries. Yummm... those are really good, and almost as addicting as the crack fries from Mickey D's.

The "gourmet" sausages though... meh! They take a weeny, tiny sausage, cut it in half, and lay it end to end on a bun. So if you really like lots of bread with just a little bit of meat I guess that's the way to go. Not for me!

Over the summer they had a great deal on a dog with fries and a PBR for a couple bucks. Best deal in Bend, IMHO.

October 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but food was cold and some employee was working in the back with out gloves. They need the health department to stop in. You won't catch me going back. Are you charging for the bread or the Dog! too much $ for a small sausage.

November 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for Jen...

you must have tried a chicken sausage...originally they were only 4 o/z and were small which is why they cut them to serve in the they are 6 o/z as are all sauasages on the menu....good stuff!!!

They now have a beer brat that is awesome. It's boiled in mirror pond beer and then grilled!!! Wow.

January 11, 2008  
Blogger Robin said...

I just visited The Hottest Dog for the first time yesterday and I was not impressed. The buns were cold, the dog lukewarm, the fries unsalted and everything in there was way over priced. The two young boys working behind the counter were very slow and unfriendly. Many of the tables were left dirty, while the boys sat behind the counter with each other. I won't be going back, if I get a hankering for a dog I'll just go to Costco.

April 28, 2009  

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