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Pumpkins from DD Ranch - Terrebonne Oregon

DD Ranch

If you haven't gone out to get your pumpkins yet, please allow me to recommend the DD Ranch. It has been a tradition of ours to head out to the DD Ranch to get our pumpkins for five years now. We love to go there mainly to buy some beef and pork chops and if we get there before the crowds do, it is very fun. We get to do some great people watching while we browse for the perfect pumpkin to carve up.

The prices are great and normally it is not overly crowded. Sure there is not a gigantic maze to navigate but there is still fun for the whole family. They have an area for the kids to play that only costs $3.50 per child with slides and zip lines galore. They have a petting zoo, hay rides, dig your own potatoes, and more.

Like I said, the main reason we go is for the burgers and hot dogs both of which are made from their naturally raised beef and pork. We had both:

Amazingly good. If the DD Ranch was within Bend city limits, I'd chalk these guys up for a nomination for the best burger. Without even trying any other burger in Terrebonne, I'd give the trophy to the DD Ranch.

The only thing I don't like about the DD Ranch is how the visitors hog all the damn wagons. At the ranch you can snag an old school wagon to pull in your pumpkins from the field. But many people grab their wagons but then take their kids into the kid zone or shop in the barn for wild flowers or whatnot.

Or there are the people that take a wagon, go get their pumpkins and then get some burgers or dogs while their wagon stays parked next to their table. Go pay for the pumpkins, put them in the car, then bring the wagon back for someone else.

I laughed when the wife and I were settling down at one of the picnic tables to eat our lunch AFTER I had paid for our pumpkins and put them in the car (returning the wagon to the front where it belongs) and I overheard this lady coming out of the kid zone saying "Great! Someone took our wagon...YEAH...It's GONE!"

HAHAHA that was the wife that jackmoved your wagon!! Great stuff right there boy. That's what you get for taking a wagon that you didn't intend to use right away. This is just like those people that go into a restaurant where you have to order at the register who snag a table even though they haven't even made it to the front of the line. You know what I mean?

Look, you are at the back of the line, you send your friend/kid/significant other to go grab a table. This is soooo wrong. What about the people in front of you? They are waiting to order and then grab a table. So what if by the time they order there are not any tables? Their food arrives and they have no where to sit....yet you haven't even ordered yet and you have a table waiting for you. We live in a society people!! Take your seat after you order and all will run smoothly as it should. Soba and the Downtowner patrons are the worst in this area.

DD Ranch
3836 NE Smith Rock Way
Terrebonne, Oregon 97760


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Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

I forgot to mention the home made potatoe chips that they were slicing up right there. Not salty enough but other than that, delicious!!! Get some!


October 15, 2007  
Blogger Chillable said...

Actually, you *can* get their burgers in Bend. Pre-formed and everything, ready for your freezer, at the farmers' market. Unfortunately that will have to wait until next summer, since the last farmer's market was this past Wednesday. Agreed, they ARE delicious!

October 15, 2007  

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