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Thai Thai Restaurant - Bend Oregon

Thai Thai Restaurant

Thai Thai Restaurant is the newest restaurant to take over the old 38 Degrees location in NW Crossing. I have eaten there a few times now with mixed results. Below you'll find my comments about the different dishes that we've tried.

My first visit was for lunch and I ordered my favorite dish that I get from Toomies in order to compare, the chicken red curry. Lunch specials come with steamed rice, soup of the day and salad w/peanut dressing.

When our waiter brought over the soup of the day I asked him "What is this, the soup of the day?" but I don't think he understood that I was asking what kind of soup it was as his response in a heavy accent was "Soup of the day!" all happy and really fast. You'd have to hear @SonOfaBOR's impression, its hilarious.

The soup was quite bland to me. I got some cabbage, a slice of onion, one slice of carrot, and one piece of broccoli. It was like mild tea with a couple veggies. I didn't mind it but didn't care for it either. Could have been just as happy without it.

My curry was also bland. Tons of cocoa nut milk and very light on the goods. Also, my rice was over cooked. Not a good start.

Dinner portion of the Chicken Red Curry that we tried on another visit was slightly better with the ingredients but as you can see, tons of cocoanut milk. Still rather bland so maybe ask for it spicy if thats your thing.

One of my favorite dishes from SOBA is the Chicken Pad Thai. So on another lunch visit I decided against the cocoanut milk soup and go for the pad thai.

The pad thai at Thai Thai Restaurant is much sweeter than any I have ever tasted. But when you toss in a bunch of Siracha and squeeze in some lime, it balances out. I rather enjoy the pad thai and have gotten it again. Now the lunch portions I think are too small but the dinner is solid for $9.95.

On that same visit, the Wife tried the Drunken Noodle and rather enjoyed it. Plenty of delicious vegetables that you ladies like. I got a taste and liked it as well but it was pretty cheap on the portions of beef. Where's the BEEF?!?

All in all, I feel what I've had is ok. I go to Thai Thai from time to time out of convenience, but I wouldn't take out of town guests to it.

Thai Thai Restaurant
745 NW Mt Washington Dr, Suite 200
Bend, OR 97701
541 633-7722

Mon - Sat 11:00am - 9:00pm
Sat 12:00pm - 9:00pm
Sunday: Closed


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