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the Blacksmith restaurant, Bend Oregon

the Blacksmith restaurant

After our amazing dinner at the Jackalope Grill we decided to keep the party going and swing by the Blacksmith restaurant for some dessert and a night cap. Although it's not available on the online version of their menu at the moment, they have a dessert sampler for two for only $12. Hopefully these pictures will do the talking for me as I don't know what else to say.

My favorite part was the chocolate fondue which I continued to dip pretty much everything I tried into it. I mean, it was a cup of hot melted chocolate. There were like 12 cookies, some ice cream in a variety of flavors, some other sweet things hidden under other sweet things. It was like that scene in Willy Wonka (the good one with Gene Wilder, NOT Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...that suuuucked) where he takes the tour into the big factory where everything "is eatable, I mean edible, I mean you can eat everything."

Even the crunchy bowl that had the ice cream in it was grubbin!

I'm not a huge fan of desserts or sweets in general. I'm a beer and pretzels kind of guy. But the wife is all about the dessert. So she's in heaven. Gaven definitely knows what he's doing over there at the Blacksmith.

the Blacksmith restaurant
211 NW Greenwood Ave,
Bend, Oregon 97701


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Blogger Jen said...

Oh yeah, yummmm... Scott and I split that dessert plate too and ended up bringing lots home! I couldn't resist dipping the cookies into the fondue either. And the ice cream? So. Effing. Good.

May 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had dinner at the bar at Blacksmith last night for my husbands birthday. The bread was excellent. Steaming hot and served with a nice presentation of olive oil and balsamic.

We started out with the brie and grape quesadilla which was O.K. but the original one at Morton's in L.A. was always much better. I had the peach cosmo martini which was lovely followed by mussels and the sweet pea risotto for my entree and Bill had a steak. My mussels were good but the sauce which was very b-b-q ish was too much for mussels. The risotto was good but I would have liked more sweet pea flavor. It was pretty bland. Bill's steak was wonderful, cooked perfectly and the onion rings on top were great. Dessert was a chocolate combo which was gone in a flash.

Overall is was good, but not as interesting as I thought it was in the past. Love the new bar and the bartender was very good as well.

June 25, 2008  

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