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Bend Bulletin's Baltazar's Article

Apparently this issue is still a hot button. As the comments are getting more irritating for me to read through, I've decided that unless you're bringing something new to the conversation or talking about the food, please post your comments in one of the other forums. Many of the recent comments are being deleted by me.

Highchairs lead to high drama

We all know about the comments here and on the Mom2Mom blog as well as the filth on Craigslist about this issue. The article by Anna Sowa of The Bulletin did a decent and very PC job of summarizing the story. I'm glad that someone was able to gather up some additional information. What I was most shocked about was Chavez admitting to saying what he said.

I'm not saying that Yvette was lying, but I honestly thought that she was exaggerating a bit. I also thought, and still think that there is a part of the story that is not being told.

He now apologizes for losing his temper with Nishikawa.
"I'm not going to deny I said that," Chavez said Wednesday. "But she made me crazy."

How did she make you crazy? Where is that? You don't go from explaining that you're not going to offer high chairs instantly to cursing do you?

"Of course I'm worried," he said. "I have (children) to feed."

Must feed them at the house because (in my best "kids on the bus from Forest Gump" voice) "You cain't sit here", "Seat's taken", "Can't sit here".

Ahh but then the sweet southern voice chimes in from the back "You can sit here if you want". Sweet Jenny.

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14What? Got something to say?

Anonymous HungryMama said...

What rubs me the wrong way is the lack of details of what Mrs. Nishikawa said on the phone to provoke such a nasty reaction from Baltazar.

Being that Yvette is the President of Moms Club of Bend, I would suspect she is a strong outspoken person. What provoked such a reaction from Baltazar? Was she aggressive in her conversation with him? Did she push him so hard or try to strong-arm him? She obviously has a lot of pull in the community.

Now, I can be a hothead too. I’ve also worked in the service industry for many many moons. Like many, it probably would take only a few berating comments to make me finally break. I think we’ve all made the mistake and reacted poorly to an aggressively-charged situation.

I have 2 kids and have been to Baltazar’s on many occasions. I’ve never brought them because I first asked around before going. Most parents do that…

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts too. I wish she had the inclination to rally the MomsClub into fundraisers for the woman killed on the bicycle. I'd rather give my money there than to a family that wouldn't sell an ATV to pay for health insurance.

Although the Bulletin article did make me laugh a bit, as it reminded me that basically, you can discriminate against anyone except "protected classes". So I guess that means if you're a white, Christian, male you're fair game :)

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Bendite said...

I've had my child in there... although he's not under the age of 5, we were treated very well by the staff and treated very well personally by Baltazar. He makes a point of greating everyone and as your leaving - he consistently chit-chats with his patrons. He had to be provoked in some way whether it be tone of voice, threats or whatever.

This is being blown way out of proportion. This Yvette is out of control and I'm bored with her whining. She basically reminds me of McArthur's and his Red Hunts and I'm tired of seeing her attempt to put a perfecting nice restaurant out of business.

I can understand why she's upset. I can see how she feels disrespected, but don't tell me this is the way we all should respond to conflict and confrontation. When does this start to cross the lines of slander?

This is only reminding me of President Bush's tactics.... this take 'em down approach. Let's get everyone on "our" side and then slit their throats! Once it gets bloody - then everyone will want out, right? This is only leading to more negativity and our community doesn't need anymore of that.

Settle the despute. Don't dine there. Move on.

April 26, 2007  
Blogger dkgoodman said...

So of course he apologized to her, right?

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very interested to see this article in the Bend Bulletin. We celebrated my brother's birthday at Baltazar's in December. There were 5 adults and 3 kids, ages 6, 6 and 8. There were no items for kids on the menu, the server said there was not a kid's menu.

Our kids are very well behaved but I felt like a fish out of water as soon as I set foot in the door.

The whole experience was surreal...I was glad when the check arrived and couldn't wait to get out of there.

The food was not that good, the service was awful and the attitude of the place was pretentious.

I've never been back and even if I do get the chance to go out without my daughter, his restaurant would be the LAST place I'd go.

I thought, "What happened to Bend? What happened to that laid back attitude that used to permeate this great little town? Do you have to be a rich, white yuppy with a Volvo and a nanny to live here?"

It wouldn't sadden me a bit to see his restaurant go out of business.

Maybe we'd get a decent restaurant in there with good food at good prices.

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bendite wrote:

"He had to be provoked in some way whether it be tone of voice, threats or whatever."

Right, because you went there once and he was chatty with you, you know all about him.

You clearly do not know this man.

That's all.

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the direction in which this controversy has taken. Kids or no kids, nobody has the right to treat people poorly unless they expect the same in return!

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sleeping newborn who requires nothing of the waitstaff is hardly comparable to a wild, messy, noisy toddler....this has been taken too far by the restaurant owner. He did not have to cater to this child by providing a menu, highchair, or clean up-the rudeness was uncalled for.

There are two sides to every story I guess.

April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Bendite said...

Anonymous said

"Right, because you were there once and he was chatty, you know all about him..."

No, I admit, I wasn't there at the time of this interaction between Yvette and Baltazar, maybe you were? I'm confused. Do you KNOW "THIS" man? Sorry to be presumptuous, but I doubt it! I doubt most people complaining and tagging onto this whole ordeal really "know" him including yourself.

I have not only been to Baltazar's once... I have been there many times with the same experience. I think that's what you would call consistent. Each time, I received good treatment, great service and each time I was with my son. Baltazaar has gone as far as to ask my son about his soccer play, where he goes to school, if he's a good student and so on.

So many, like yourself, are making him out to be some sort of villian and I think it should be okay to share a positive interaction with "this man". Seems so silly in the face of all that's happening in the world today.

I don't agree with verbal abuse, nor do I agree with any kind of disregard for women, or violence, AND I also don't agree with playing a middle school game of pushing someone back or better yet, slandering someone and trying to put them under because they made a mistake. It's a choice to apologize and he owes her that, agreed, but maybe at this point she should too... making a mistake of this degree shouldn't lead to pushing someone out of business when others have had quite a different experience.

My comments were meant to widen the scope and share my experience and my child's experience in this restaurant and I have that right?

April 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the moderator of this blog is on this disgustings mans side. They will only post replies that suit they're taste. Boycott this place for sure. Stick that in your ear moderator!!

April 27, 2007  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

To the Anonymous commentor just above this comment, I've published comments on both sides of this issue. It's just getting old with the same comments over and over "Boycott", "Hurry, I'm going there tonight". It's old.

I just want to write about the meals I've had. Take those comments to Craigs List.

April 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the food is very fresh and innovative at Baltazar's-cocktails are amazing; compared to our fine and over-abundant array of watered down bean slop and heaps of red over-cooked uncle ben rice with an endless side of bagged chips and old el paso-it's nice to find a mexican restaurant attempting to distinquish itself. Although Baltazar didn't come anywhere near the vicinity of decency or an ounce of sane customer service in the attempt to discourage children from overtaking his dining's an educated parental diner's responsibility to distinguish red robin from cafe rosemary. I have a kid, I owned a restaurant, and having loved both I am a firm believer in enjoying a meal on the more gastronomically focused side of the fence without a plethora of cackling, unattended kids whose parents really and truly believe that you are as entranced with their darlings as they are- is also a right. no-kid/no-smoking section or just common sense on where you dine with children? and please for the sake of your waiter-you could never have tipped them well enough ever to pick up slobbery saltines

April 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regardless of the fine details...the fact is he runs a food establishment so he is in the service industry. ANY customer should be treated with at least some respect. If he is worried about losing business then he should learn the old saying..."The customer is always right". He owes all parents an apology and needs to advertize the fact that he doesn't want any child "ruining" his resteraunt.

April 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Bend and the usual "family oriented" attitude of most businesses, but what in the world makes all of you people think that EVERY business should cater to a family environment. I for one and happy to know that I can go out to eat at a restaurant that has only adults in attendance. I love children, but I sure don't need to be involved with them in EVERY aspect of my life. Baltazars has every right to make their restuarant for adults only. I have eaten there many times and I have imagine that the reaction that has been written about so many times, must surely have been provoked to the point where he felt he had no choice. It was a poor choice, but one he is entitled to. Most of you commenting must have never owned your own business before and HOW DARE you think it should be so easy to put a family man out of business because you don't like the way he manages his own business. He is not hurting anyone. If you don't like his rules, then DON'T GO THERE. It's really that simple. Grow up and stop pushing your "kids" on everyone with no regard for how they feel about it. You are practicing "reverse" discrimination by insisting that your children be welcomed everywhere. Like I said before GROW UP!

July 21, 2007  

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