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Angel Thai Cuisine

Angel Thai Cuisine

Angel Thai on Division is yet another option for Thai food in Bend Oregon. It's in an odd location that I tend to forget about but it was worth tracking down for some great food and good prices. As with most Asian food, if they have spring rolls, you have to try them. It's a staple so if they mess that up, might as well stop there, collect your things, and go get a burger. mmm burgers.

Angel Thai's spring rolls were crispy and filled with whatever spring rolls are filled with. I'm pretty sure they snuck in some vegi's....sneaky devils. Regardless, I enjoyed them immensely.

Here's a bad photo of the broccoli beef (the quality is my fault, food was great):

The Phad Thai was not bright red which made me happy. Shrimp Phad Thai:

And washed it down with a bottle of Singha (when in Rome):

All in all, the meal was excellent and the prices were very fair. With most family style meals it's easy to walk away with plenty of leftovers which we did. That makes it even better when you get that bonus meal the next day. It's like free money.

Definitely go give Angel Thai a shot.

Angel Thai Cuisine
1900 NE Division St., Bend

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Best Panang Curry in central oregon bar none. Lookout Toomies there's a new sherif in town.

January 03, 2008  

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