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Deschutes Brew Pub - ESB

Deschutes Brew Pub

There is nothing better on a snowy Friday like today than a bowl of clam chowder (served as the special soup every least as far as I know), a pint of Inversion, and a ESB (Extra Special Burger). Oh and adding up the calories is pretty fun too.

Below is an older photo of my lunch about a month ago. Back then they were not making their own fries like they normally do because of a shortage of potatoes. They are making their own fries now though so maybe I'll be able to get a new photo today.

If you get fries with your meal, make sure you try their mustard. It's like dipping your fries in a pool of heaven. Shoot, even if you don't get fries, try the mustard. Try it on your salad...sure, why not, it's what Sorority girls do. Don't they? They also have tickle fights and practice kissing with each other.

The home made fries are scrumptious. Get them.

Deschutes serves up some delicious food. They make their own buns, use local beef for their burgers, brew their own beers (at least some of the beers), make their own mustard, and have some hot waitresses. I mean, a friendly wait staff ready to serve.

I mean the list of great food, beers, and service goes on and on. Go there today and tell your friendly waiter (they're good lookin too...what up Marcus) or waitress that I sent ya...maybe they'll comp me a pint or something.

Deschutes Beer Pub

1044 NW Bond Street, between Franklin and Greenwood
Bend, OR 97701

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