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Westside Bakery - Turkey Melt

Westside Bakery

The Westside Bakery on Galveston is a great place for curing that Sunday morning hang over with their insanely large biscuits and gravy or huge hobo scramble. But the Westside Bakery also serves a mean lunch for when you're trying to cure that Monday morning hangover.

That's a lot of hangovers you say. Well, I don't really have a response.

Anyway, check out this photo of my Turkey Melt:

It looks like I set up some sort of blue screen. Relax, I'm not going big time with special effects just yet. The Turkey melt was on the specials board so I thought to myself "I like turkey, I like melted cheese, I like buttery cruisants". Then I thought of that saying "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach". That scares me. Could you imagine what you look like with HUGE eyes. I don't know how big my actually stomach is. I know the shell around it is freaking huge. But how big is your actual stomach? Size of a fist? Two fists?

No matter what I bet it's pretty big for a set of eyes. Could you imagine the waitress as she (sigh, or he for PC minded people) comes over to take your order and you have eyes bigger than your stomach? I bet it would freak them out something fierce. Would they serve you a full order? Like a bartender cutting you off cause you had too many spirits, would a waitperson not give you a full order if you had HUGE eyes bigger than your stomach?

The Turkey Melt was good, I'd get it again.

Westside Bakery
1005 1/2 NW Galveston Ave
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-3426


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love Westside because you can take your toddler there and have them be so entertained by the ambience that they never beg for a bite of your incredibly lusciously awesome cinnamon roll that takes a full 15 minutes to eat. Split a dish and you won't explode on the way home. Another point: this is the least pretentious breakfast place on the Westside. We love you, Big Bird. :)

March 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the heck! Although I agree that Westside is good, I would say that Mothers is MUCH better. It is better for you, cheaper and everyone that works there is really nice, but maybe I just had a bad experience at Westside, oh wait I went there 4 times...
Anyway I think you should do a review of Mothers, and make sure to get the 4$ oatmeal with fresh strawberries and bananas and blueberries plus a big ol' sambazon smoothie. ahhh heaven...

April 21, 2008  

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