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Allyson's Kitchen Deli - Bend Oregon

Allyson's Kitchen Deli

I heard about a new deli in the Old Mill shopping center that had some amazing soup and wanted to go check it out. In the back of Allyson's Kitchen there is a small deli providing sandwiches and a couple soups as well as a nice dessert case.

All of the sandwiches sounded very nice and contained great ingredients like the roast beef with fresh mozzerella. I ordered the Turkey sandwich on sourdough with smoked guoda and a cup of their chicken noodle soup to go. The Turkey sandwich is my benchmark sandwich for any new place.

I was pretty pleased to see the little extras when I opened the bag. A nice pickle, a couple olives, and some bread for my soup. But that's about where my pleasure ended. While the soup tasted good, it was only 8 ounces and cost me $3.50. The sandwich was $6.95 and I would have much rather just bought a pound of turkey and made my own sandwich.

The turkey was of the same quality that you can buy in any prepackaged Hormel type sandwich meat in any deli case and the bread, regular, thin sourdough that was quite dry. I was not impressed with the sandwich or the soup for $10.45. Maybe I'm spoiled by the Boars Head meats piled high with some nuke paste/sauce at the Speedshop which I'm a big fan of.

Now this is not a knock on Allyson's Kitchen as a whole. I rather liked the store and will definitely go back to shop but I'll look elsewhere for a quick bite. I hear there is a working kitchen upstairs that will host cooking classes and what not. I want to check those out as well.

Allyson's Kitchen Deli
375 SW Powerhouse Dr
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 749-9979


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Blogger Jen said...


You didn't have a cupcake?! :P

April 04, 2008  
Blogger Keeneye said...

While $3.50 seems like alot for 8oz. of soup, it's very reasonable.

Our cost on homemade soup is roughly $2.50; premade soup from a food vendor is at about $2.00.

When you realize that restaurants are supposed to be working with a 20-25% food cost, that soup is not going to pay the bills.

PS: When you finally visit, I'll feed you a turkey sub that will blow your mind. Yes. It's that good.

April 04, 2008  
Blogger Live on the Fly said...

OK, BOR shopping in a kitchen store? Isn't that like me strolling through Sportsman's Wearhouse?

April 05, 2008  
Blogger SidFilmz said...

Bummer. I've been a fan of Allyson's deli sandwiches for some time now, in Ashland mind you, and can't remember ever seeing a Roast Beef with Mozzarella, I believe it's Roast Beef with Brie Cheese (and Horseradish Mayo). But I'm spoiled, I eat there almost weekly.

Read my Allyson's Kitchen Sandwich Experience, too.

The Bend store is new, and I've only had a chance to stop in to their wine and cheese tastings they do on Fridays, and those are excellent.

An no offense, but to review a To Go order is kind of weak. You miss out on the service, the atmosphere, and all that good stuff. Maybe give them another shot. And special order like I did - it'll be fun. I promise.

April 08, 2008  
Anonymous HopHound said...

Had the Roast Beef sandwich with brie and horseradish mayo and I have to admit I was not impressed. I mean it was okay...but it lacked in the flavor department. The roast beef was not as fresh as the awesome roast beef you get from The Village Baker and there was hardly any horseradish mayo which is one of the main reasons I ordered the sandwich in the first place. I did have some of their beer cheese soup and that was very good. Then again I make a mean beer cheese soup too so not sure that's all too impressive.

The Village Baker and SpeedShop Deli still leading the pack in the sandwich department. Next please...

April 11, 2008  

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