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Blacksmith Spices - Bend Oregon

The Blacksmith Restaurant is offering bags of their spice rubs available at Rays and Newport Market. I was online the other day and just happened upon the Blacksmith's blog and they mentioned that their spices had a $5 gift card included in each bag. That's a great offer so I jumped at the chance. I was scheduled to go to Rays anyhow, needed to refill my Gin supply.

I grabbed a couple bags of spice rub - the Steakhouse Classic and the Famous BBQ Steak Rub. Reading the back of the bags I realize that the BBQ Steak Rub needs to marinate the meat for 4 hours. Since its already 6pm as I'm writing this, about to take the photos, and then prep my steaks, I don't think I can go with the Famous rub.

Suggestion to Blacksmith, why not add a line "Don't have 4 hours, come on down to the Blacksmith, we have some steaks already marinated."

So tonight I am going to grill up a Porterhouse and a T-Bone both seasoned with the Blacksmith's Steakhouse Classic rub. I oiled them up with Vegetable Oil. I use vegetable oil cause it doesnt flame up on the high heat like extra virgin olive oil tends to. I sprinkled the Steakhouse Classic seasoning on the steaks and rubbed it in.

The Wife was not satisfied with the amount I used, she loves to heavily season steaks. So I doubled it up and that turned out to be the right idea.

Just finished dinner and the steaks were amazing. Normally I would simply season my steaks with salt and pepper. This new seasoning put our steaks on a higher level. I could have even crusted the steaks with the seasoning as some fell off on the grill, more while the steaks rested in their own juices, more on the cutting board. There was still enough to get the flavor and we enjoyed our dinner. Next time, I will make sure there is more than enough seasoning.

I can't wait to try the Famous BBQ Steak Rub next, just with a little more planning.

I just received a note from the Blacksmith about a rib tasting at Rays this weekend:

The Blacksmith will be serving up some Verde-Q Ribs at the Ray's in Bend & Redmond on Saturday June 12th from 2 -4 PM. Stop by and sample The Blacksmith's Verde-Q Green Chile BBQ Rub on a rib or two. Grab a bag and receive a $5 gift card to The Blacksmith as a thank your for giving our Signature Steakhouse Recipes a try. Once you try them, we know you will love them.

The Blacksmith Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
211 Northwest Greenwood Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 318-0588


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Blogger aaronyo said...

for what it's worth, i recently learned its a good idea to let your steaks rest on something grill like so released juices won't soften and dissolve your nice crust/char. i suppose this also applies to your rub.

June 18, 2010  

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