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Pizza Mondo - Bend Oregon

Pizza Mondo

It has been a long time since I had a slice of pizza from Pizza Mondo. Being lazy as I tend to be, I didn't want to drive to get some food a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot going and I didn't want to cook anything and make a mess in the kitchen. So we called up Pizza Mondo for some delivery.

It was a rather busy night so when they said that it would take an hour, I didn't think much of it. An hour later, the Run Little Piggy was at our door. They found our place in exactly an hour, with the porch light out...that was impressive.

Run Little Piggy - Attention meat lovers – this is your pie! Our cheese pie piled high with prosciutto, pepperoni, Italian sausage, smoked gouda, mushrooms & black olives.
15” - $16.25 • 18” - $21.75

Many times when we shell out the big bucks to get a pizza from a restaurant other than Papa Murphy's, we are disappointed in the quantity of toppings. Some places just skimp on them and it's annoying. But as you can see, the pizza from Pizza Mondo is covered with a generous amount of pork products and cheese.

The crust was cooked perfectly as well. Another issue we normally have is that the pizza crust can be soggy and undercooked. Not today my friend. Delicious. I can totally see why Pizza Mondo was voted Best Pizza by the Source. Holy cow, I just saw on their site that they've been voted Best Pizza by the Source every year since 98.

We also grabbed up some Mozzarella Breadsticks for $3.75 which were good (for being bread and cheese). The dipping sauce was excellent and I jacked the rest for my pizza crust.

Pizza Mondo
811 NW Wall St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 330-9093

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

drooling... love the pizza mondo. Love the plain cheese Pizza Mondo in fact. I've never known a plain cheese pizza taste so good. We get it every week, half cheese half pepperoni. I think I'm addicted.

The only problem are there damn delivery boundaries. We live about 1 block away from there delivery boundary. So I am forced to either drive downtown, park, go in, pay, drive home. Or have them deliver it to the local elementary school parking lot, which is in their boundary, but always leaves me feeling a little sketchy. Like, "why is this crazy lady having a pizza delivered to a car in a parking lot?"

But, it's worth it. I'm addicted.

December 04, 2007  
Blogger rotorman said...

I have been extremely disappointed by most pizza in Bend, actually in the Pacific Nothwest. Marinda has pretty good thin crust pizza. But if you want the stuff that you get back east, Costco has the the absolute best. And even if you don't agree, try it because a slice for a combo will only cost you 2 bucks. The deal of the century.

April 27, 2008  
Blogger Arlene M. Spencer said...

Bend Oregon Restaurants, Give me the straight poop; has something changed at Pizza Monda (such as owners or an operations manager)? We used to love Pizza Mondo but have had really poor customer service the last two delivery orders! Really poor. We're accustom to friendly professional customer service, when calling, but I actually had my first name mocked when giving my contact info, over the phone. Then that pizza arrived literally so burned that it was inedible. We phoned their manager and he sent us a card for a free replacement pizza. This week we phoned in, ordered the replacement pizza (ala the gift card) and it arrived not burned but also, not according to our order. One sucky service experience - I can handle. Two? Something is off. Just a word to the wise...

July 29, 2009  

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