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BBC Fish Tacos - Bend Brewing Company

Bend Brewing Company

I love the BBC, or as its also called, the Bend Brewing Company. I haven't been disappointed by their service, food, or beers ever. I do have one complaint. Would it kill them to turn the heat on once in a while? I mean, I like it cold but damn, sometimes I leave my coat on if eating an early lunch on a cold day. Might as well have the patio open if it's warmer outside with snow on the ground than inside in my booth.

Ok that was a bit much but seriously, it's pretty cold in there sometimes. Turn the heat up Wendi, that's all I'm saying.

On my last visit I decided on the Fish Tacos. It's quite the meal. Look at all you get:

Rice and beans are under the two tortillas. So you assemble your fish tacos as you see fit. Here's a locals tip, ask for an extra tortilla. I don't like to stuff all of my food into the two tortillas provided and make a mess out of my meal. So having an extra tortilla works out perfectly. Now for some reason when you ask for ONE extra tortilla, you'll get two. Don't ask me why. I think I asked once and the answer was something like "that's how they come". Since that's all I remember...vaguely, I came to the conclusion that Outback is a strong beer.

The fish tacos are filling yet leave you feeling light and not weighed down like when I get the BBQ Turkey and fries. I also ask for some Chahula hot sauce since the salsa they provide doesn't pack the punch that I need.

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Bend Brewing Company
1019 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR, 97701

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