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El Caporal West - Deluxe Burrito

El Caporal West


How ya doing? I'm great, family's good.

I'm curious to find out what I'll review next, last week seemed to have a Thai Theme. This week seems to be Mexican or at least Burritos. So the other day I was a bit hung over and needed some serious food to help get me back on track. The Deluxe Burrito at El Caporal West had my name all over it, along with guac and sour cream. Get it?

Has anyone ever had a poor service experience at El Caporal West? No one reads this, why do I bother. I did one time but I've been there a billion times so one out of a billion ain't that bad. Seriously, a billion.

Yeah this one time we get seated and the waitress had this attitude like she was better than us. Like we should be honored that she was our waitress? She ignored us and it took forever just to order our food and drinks. The next time we visited El Caporal the hostess went to sit us and I had to ask to sit anywhere other than her section and pointed her out.

The hostess smiled like she totally understood what I was talking about. Anyway, we have not had any issues at all since then, plus that waitress doesn't work there anymore. Not only have we not had any complaints but we have had nothing but praise. Jimmy or Corona are amazing waiters and their army of bus boys are quick on the draw to hook you up with more water, chips, or either of the two salsa's they place on the table.

The other day on my quest to cure my hangover, I had a basket of chips and some fresh salsa in front of me before I even got settled in my seat.

Hot chips and fresh salsa makes BOR a happy boy. I LOVE their salsa. I always have to get a second helping so I can cover whatever main dish I get with it. So I get to munch on some chips and salsa while I waited (very short wait) for my Deluxe Burrito with Picadillo (shredded beef).

The Deluxe Burrito runs a whopping $9.25 but look at all you get. Picadillo, huge helpings of sour cream and guac, baked cheese, beans, rice, chips, salsa, and when you're thinking about the fact that you just dropped $9.25 at lunch (not including drink which I normally would get a Perfect Margarita or a Dos XX but I had to try and work later so I got water) you get to nibble on an simple version of an empanada (it's a chip sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with strawberry reduction and whipped cream - unlike a traditional empanada).

I am a huge fan of El Caporal West because of their quality of service, huge portions, tasty food, and price. Definitely try their Perfect Margarita. Go there, tell em I sent you.

El Caporal West
744 NW Bond Street
Downtown Bend, Oregon

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5What? Got something to say?

Blogger Jen said...

I haven't been to El Cap West - just the East side one. I hear they are different owners though? Anyhoo - food is great but I prefer the ARRIVA margarita. Yummm...

(Family's great here too!)

August 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a fan of their food. Been there a few times to give them a chance, but seems like their food is always mediocre. La Rosa is probably the best in town, other than mom's home cookin'.

August 23, 2006  
Blogger Shannon said...

La Rosa is MUCH better. And people are reading :)

August 23, 2006  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Great feedback! I'm going to stick to my guns and say that I truly enjoyed the Burrito. I can understand and appreciate your comment about the food being mediocre (Anonymous) but I found that to be true of my dish at La Rosa.

The twin brother owners of La Rosa used to work at El Caporal West. Maybe they thought the same thing and figured they could do better.

I'll have to go back to La Rosa and try something other than the very mediocre Tequilla Tacos that I had.

Thanks for the comments!

August 23, 2006  
Blogger dkgoodman said...

We haven't yet tried El Cap West. Here are my thoughts about El Cap East.

I don't read your blog, either. ;)

August 23, 2006  

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