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Kebaba - Bend Oregon

Kebaba - Bend Oregon

First trip to Kebaba was not that great but there were a couple of good points. My recent trip to Kebaba was a treat. I really enjoyed the food, the service, and found the prices to be very fair.

We started off with a Mini Mezza from the specials menu, for $4 we got a little bit of this sour cheese stuff. It was similar to sour cream but saltier. Spreading the cheese on the pita and eating with the olives and pickled onions made for a great start to dinner.

The wife selected the Moroccan Steak for $14.95. Harissa rubbed sirloin steak topped with sweet and sour red onions. Served with rice pilaf and Kebaba salad. Everything was great. The steak was cooked and seasoned perfectly.

I went for the Sultan's Feast which isn't even on Kebaba's online menu. I'm the Sultan of Critiques. The Sultan of the Snark. The Sultan of BOR. I like to think that I'm something like a Sultan and I like to feast. I got to choose two kebabs, the type of Schwarma (special hummous, topped with roasted, spiced chicken or lamb), and comes with pilaf, veggies, and salad. I called it my new Tres Caballos out of respect to one of my favorite dishes at El Caporal consisting of bacon wrapped prawns, chicken, and steak. I'm just doing my part to keep those pesky animals in check. So with the Sultan's Feast, I devoured some lamb and steak kebabs and some Chicken Schwarma.

That will do it. For only $16 it was a feast fit for BOR and the price to match. I was stuffed. Washed it down with a couple of Stella Artois and went home happy, ready to rule whoever it is that a Sultan rules.

1004 NW Newport Ave
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 318-6224

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