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Celina's Latin Bistro - Bend Oregon

Celina's Latin Bistro

With Celina's Latin Bistro recently opening up on the East side of Bend this month, I've decided that I'm going to look into getting a condo out there or something to use as a vacation home. I could put together a 5 day 6 night vacation package with recommendations of where to eat every meal...well a few meals. With gas prices at $3.69 for unleaded, its cheaper to just get a place out there. Maybe I can do some HomeSwapping with those East Side bloggers.

My experience at Celina's was amazing. There is a familiarity to the drink menu with the Perfecta Margarita being available. Makes sense because the same owners of El Caporal and their many restaurants also own Celina's Gourmet Latin Bistro. I didn't actually get to see a menu as they haven't printed one off yet, but the waitress was happy to recite the options.

Celina's lunch and dinner menu's don't look a whole lot different aside from a couple dishes. You can get sandwiches on lunch, but you can't get any at dinner. My friend and I decided to split the Chorizo and cheese appetizer since we were just discussing the same dish at Baltazar's.

The sausage and cheese was good as only sausage and cheese can be but I'd rather have had chips or tortillas instead of the pitas. The dish is already filling enough, the pitas were rather thick. It was a meal in itself.

I had already ordered the Mole Poblano or else I probably would have been fine with the appetizer for my lunch. I was taking a little bit of a risk getting some chicken breast completely smothered in Mole as I have not been a fan of any Mole in any restaurant in Bend yet. Our waitress said that they make the Mole from scratch unlike restaurants that simply use the canned sauce.

The chicken breast was cooked perfectly, the home made mashed potatoes were seasoned perfectly and had that "home made" consistency, and the fried plantains added a nice fruity/sweetness to the dish.

Oh man, the mole sauce made the dish. It was so good. Not too sweet but just sweet enough with chocolate. I can't believe how good it was. I can't wait to hit the lottery so I can afford the gas to make it out East again for some Celina's.

Celina's chips and salsa was even impressive with it's presentation as well as the flavors. Reminded me of the three sauces that Hola started out service, just without the peanut butter one.

What a great lunch, I am really looking forward to my next east side adventure so I can try to hit up Celina's again.

Celina's Latin Bistro
547 N.E. Bellevue Drive (off 27th Street), Suite 109
Bend, Oregon


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Blogger Arlene M. Spencer said...

My hubby and I enjoy El's the easy, get what you expect, Tex Mex place in Bend. So, when we went to Celina's we figured the restaurant will be comfortable, Tex Mex style Mexican food, and casual.

While the restaurant is comfortable, and the staff is friendly and helpful, it is a nicer evening out, to compare it to El Cap.

We went to Celina's the night before last, for dinner, and they did have their printed menus. It's a nice selection without trying to offer every single Mexican dish in existence.

The dishes are made with great care and they are much more authentic Mexican (fresh traditional ingredients (such as mole from scratch, plantains) combined for flavor, on dishes without the beans and rice). I had the chipolte tuna steak (Los Diablos) and my hubby had the chicken in mole sauce. Both were outstanding. The tuna was seared with chipolte spices (not too spicy to get all of the flavors) and served properly rare in the center. The fish was fresh, flavorful, and the combination of flavors was delicious. The chicken was moist; the mole delicious, not too sweet; and it was served with carmelized plantains and a mild and tasty puree' (maybe mango?). It was great too.

We didn't have room for dessert but next time I'll order so that I do.

Celina's in delicious! Two thumbs up.

May 29, 2008  

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