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Bourbon Street Bend

Bourbon Street Bend

Bourbon Street Bend has finally opened its doors to the public this past Friday, July 23rd and the following day had a line out the door. Good thing too cause I was getting tired of hearing from the peanut gallery about how the evil empire of McMicheal and friends some how run Downtown Bend like Master Blaster runs Barter Town.

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about the dealings in which Gavin and his Blacksmith partners some how managed to evict the owners of Staccato from their spot. Even though it is impossible for one business to force out another business that has a lease but rumors in Bend are just as common as frisbees, Subaru's, and Californians.

I say shut up, its over. Bourbon Street Bend is open and Staccato isn't. I know Gavin and his partners, I like them and I like the Blacksmith. I didn't know the owners of Staccato. In MY OPINION, Bourbon Street is already a thousand times better than Staccato ever was. I have documented my displeasure with both the service and the food at Staccato and I haven't been back over the last year when it is rumored that the place was run by staff alone without the owner/head chef. No idea if this is true or not, I only know that I didn't like the food/service that I received and so I didn't go back.

Bourbon Street Bend had their soft openings going on last week and I was able to get in there for some tastings. Soft openings are always difficult for everyone involved but Gavin is pretty smart. On the menu there is a large section that reads "Coming Soon" so he's able to focus on some dishes without offering the entire menu. Plus it makes me want to come back for some Shrimp or Crawfish Po-Boys.

"Bourbon Street is a family friendly New Orleans Sea & Soul Food restaurant centered around the the casual and relaxed atmosphere that is "The Big Easy". Southern hospitality and New Orleans charm create a enjoyable experience for the whole family."

We started with a couple drinks while we waited for the rest of our party to arrive. I got the Mint Julep and the Wife went for the Sazarac.

Mint Julep - Mint-steeped whiskey with a hint of sugar & Tumalo Creek Water.

The Sazarac - Cognac and Rye Whiskey with a hint of absinthe and a splash of bitters.

Bourbon Street Drinks
I only got the Mint Julep because the Wife selected the drink that I really wanted. Personally I didn't care for either as the Julep was too sweet and the Sazarac was pretty heavy on the absinthe which dominated the flavor. But, on the good side, they were both quite strong which I like.

Next up were the starters.

Fried Okra - With Horsey Ranch $5.95

King Crab Legs & Claws - With garlic drawn butter $13.25

Artichoke Crawfish Dip - Crawfish, spinach, and artichoke hearts brick oven baked, in a creamy cheese sauce served with roasted garlic crostinis $8.95

Chicken Wings - Chicken drummettes breaded and fried then tossed in bourbon BBQ hot sauce with blue cheese dip $8.95

The Okra was awesome. Flashed me back to this tiny gas station in Shreveport LA where I had some amazing fried catfish, mashed potatoes, and my first ever experience with fried okra. The Okra at Bourbon Street was even better and I wasn't eating at a gas station. Win / win.

The artichoke crawfish dip was one of my favorites of the evening. Sooo good.

For the main course I went for the Chicken Bastille - Chicken breaded in panko bread crumbs, with Tasso ham, sage, basil, mozzarella, lemon capers, asparagus $14.75 and a side of Red Beans and Rice $5. If I would have known that my dish came with rice, I might not have ordered the Red Beans and Rice but I'm glad I did. The white rice that came with my dish was bland and so I replaced it with the Red Bean mix.

Very good chicken, properly cooked.

The Wife selected the Redfish & Black-Eyed Pea-Crab Succotash - Redfish with black-eyed peas tossed with bacon, crab, corn, basil, and shaved red onion in a sherry vinaigrette $14.95

Her fish was cooked perfectly and was very good but her succotash was missing the bacon which would have added some salty goodness it was sorely lacking.

What I really wanted to order but was afraid to risk my dinner on was the Crawfish Étouffée - A rich stew made with crawfish, in a dark, nutty roux $15.95.

I got a taste of it and I really want to get it the next time around. The last time I was in Baton Rouge I had some amazing Crawfish Étouffée and this tasted just like it.

For dessert we shared Classic Louisiana Style Beignets - Fried to order and dusted with powdered sugar $6.50

Profiteroles - Classic cream puffs filled with praline and vanilla ice cream served with a rich chocolate sauce $6.95

Spicy Cherries Jubilee - Cherries cooked in a spicy sauce, and served over house-made vanilla ice cream $6.95

The Beignets need some work as they were not very fluffy. I didn't try the other desserts but didn't hear any complaints. I just wanted to add the photo.

All in all, the dinner was great and the prices are fair. Nothing is crazy expensive and you'll get a good portion for your money. If you're smart, you can get in and out without breaking the bank. Or you can be like me and order way too much and waste a bunch like a typical American asshole.

Bourbon Street Bend
5 NW Minnesota Avenue Suite 100
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 323-2833


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Blogger Jen F said...

I love you BOR.

July 26, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm really excited to hear some live jazz and see some stand up comedy at Bourbon Street! What a great place and awesome staff to boot!

July 28, 2010  
Blogger Chris said...

My wife and I ate there last night. The Jambalaya was full of flavor with the right level of spiciness. I was still enjoying it 10 minutes after the last bite. The wife had the Shrimp Etoufee (sic?) and was equally impressed. Best meal we've had in a long time. The Abita Brown Ale had a good flavor, served in a nice big Chalice.

Our Beignets were flat. Our server informed us that they had re-made them twice and couldn't get them puffy so she comped ours.

We highly recommend this restaurant.

August 15, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 of us ate at Bourbon st labor day weekend. my husband and daughter had 2 orders of boiled crawfish. i had calamari it was great. The beignets were all right not very fluffy nneds work. the service was great. cant wait to go back.....

September 08, 2010  

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