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A few minutes with Gavin McMichael

Just before the Blacksmith Restaurant closed down for renovation, I was able to get a few minutes to talk with Gavin McMichael, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, about what to expect with the new restaurant/bar. I realized that I have never really reviewed a meal at the Blacksmith on this blog even though I have been there for dinner many times. I did review one of the desserts once but I just haven’t made it there for dinner over the last year or so (since starting this blog).

I told Gavin that I hadn’t been back for dinner in a long time because the wife and I started thinking of the Blacksmith as a special occasion restaurant. Somewhere I would go to celebrate an anniversary, a promotion, or a birthday. Gavin totally agreed. He said that many people had type casted the restaurant as “special occasion”.

To remedy the situation, the Blacksmith will relaunch December 10th with many of the same classic dishes but with the option to get smaller plates. I'm thinking American Tapas or in the Blacksmith’s case New American Tapas. But unlike any tapas I have come across that stick to Spanish or Mediterranean dishes, you can get small plates of items like the Pork Chop with Mac’n’cheese (by far my favorite on the menu). This will allow patrons to sample 3 or 4 of the main courses and sharing them with their significant others instead of stuffing themselves with one main entree.

For the wife and I, this is great news. She’s convinced me that ordering more appetizers instead of two main courses is the way to go. You get to try much more. That’s why I love going to things like the Deschutes Beer Dinner…you get to try things that you normally wouldn’t.

So the new menu will have appetizers and then your main courses like normal, but you can order any of the main attractions in appetizer portions for a reduced price. You’ll still get all the same stuff that comes with the main dish, just smaller portions of it. Again I can’t be more excited about this as previously, it would break my wallet while expanding my belly trying to eat a full entree.

Also coming with the relaunch is a killer bar where the main entrance used to be. Now you can swing by for lunch or a quick bite after work, sit at the bar, watch the game on one of two 42” flat screen TVs while sipping on one of many specialty drinks, a glass of wine from a huge selection, or one of 12 draft beers.

Blacksmith will also offer a private dining section that can be reserved for special occasions, events, office gatherings/meetings, or whatever.

I am definitely looking forward to checking out the new menu, portions, bar, and dining room (hint hint Gavin) as soon as they open their doors on Monday.

the Blacksmith restaurant
211 NW Greenwood Ave,
Bend, Oregon 97701


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't eaten at the 'Smith for awhile either. When last I did it was one of the best all-around dining experiences I had enjoyed in Bend. Everything was beautifully prepared and presented. Glad to hear about the changes - I've been looking for an excuse to go back. -olaf

December 06, 2007  

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