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Bend Brewing Company or BBC - HotWing Chicken Ceasar Salad

Bend Brewing Company

I've been on this hotwing craze lately and wanted to go back to BBC to have theirs again. I got there, got a pint, and then found the Hot Wing Chicken Caesar Salad on the specials menu. Hmmm, chicken wings, or a chicken breast covered in wing sauce over a Caesar salad with bleu cheese crumbles (you can visualize me with my hands out to my sides, palms in the air doing the whole scale thing). This tough decision had me in a bit of a pickle.

Wait ... "bit of a pickle?" Where did that saying come from...does it even make I even using it correctly? Is being in a pickle is like being in a jam? MMM jam and pickles. Of course jam probably is more like door jam, like a tight spot, a tough situation instead of the delicious spread for my morning toast or lunch time PB&J. None of this matters. I don't like pickles with jam. Gross.

I did watch on Food Network a while back an episode of Ham on the Street where George Duran took random jams and put them with random cheeses to make grilled cheese. His theory was that you can't go wrong with any combination.

The wife and I actually tested this theory with whatever jams and cheeses we had in the fridge and he was quite right. It was difficult to find a bad combination. And it was a good way to use those jams that you always have sitting around that you were given during the holidays or that came with the Hickory Farms gift set that you meant to mail to your grandma last Christmas but forgot because you are the worst grandchild of all time. When I was a kid I used to eat Jam sandwiches, you got two slices of bread, jam them together, done. Great childhood memories.

So if you're lucky enough to have the HotWing Chicken Caesar appear on the daily specials on your next visit to the BBC, I'd recommend it. The HotWing Sauce at the BBC is delicious. It's spicy but not too spicy and the flavor is spot on! Perfection. Of course if you don't get the special, I'd still recommend the wings. They are great!!

Bend Brewing Company
1019 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR, 97701

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Blogger Unknown said...

Can't wait to try 'em. Always looking for good wings myself. Thanks for the rec!

April 03, 2007  
Blogger xxldave said...

BBC wings are A+++.

April 23, 2007  

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