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Hardy's Hot Wings & Hamburgers

Hardy's Hot Wings & Hamburgers

Now that March Madness is upon us, it's only fitting to continue the conversation that I have been having with myself as to which restaurant in Bend has the best wings. In my quest to find the best wings I figured I had to try out a place that has hot wings in its name. Makes sense to me.

One of the things to consider when eating a hot wing is the size of the wing. Some places, Cascade Lakes Brewery, buy the smallest little scraps of wings that don't have any meat on them at all. When it comes to wings, size matters (and ONLY with wings, oh and horseshoes).

Another factor to consider is if you are getting winglettes or drumsticks. Some serve all drumsticks like at Deschutes or BBC.

My personal preference is to not have any drumsticks and have a sauce that's as hot as you can get it. The wife actually went out to Hardy's and brought a sampling back to the house. Otherwise I would have had to try their hottest Hot Wings. She even mentioned something about a "Hardy's Hot Wing Challenge" where you have to eat 15 of those wings in 15 minutes. I'll be investigating that really soon.

So on this trip she decided on Honey BBQ, Garlic and Herb, Hot, and Too Hot for the sauces to try out.

Honey BBQ:

Garlic and Herb:

Too Hot and Hot respectively:

I like my chicken spicy so the Too Hot were the ones that I devoured after trying all four. The Honey BBQ was tasty and if it was the only option, I'd get them again. The Garlic Herb were nasty. It's just a weird flavor for a chicken wing. Hot was mild and Too Hot was sort of hot.

Too Hot is about the same as the wings at BBC which I think are just a tad hotter than Deschutes. The flavor was spot on with what a wing should be. I guess on our next trip we have to try the CocaCola wings...I'm not looking forward to it but I'll try em.

Complaint: DO NOT CHARGE FOR RANCH! Charging for dipping sauces is lame. Stop it. Charging for dipping sauces is like charging for soda refills. It's bad mojo, man. $0.75 per side of sauce is just ridiculous. I'd rather have you just charge
$0.25 more per order of wings and give me all the damn sauce I want.

Give Hardy's a try!

238 NE Third St.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just did a wing sampling at a Sysco test kitchen to decide on which we'd serve at our restaurant. We tried numerous wings of every size and flavor, and finally decided on the largest of the bunch. The problem that we are anticipating is the first question that a customer asks is "How many wings in an order?" Shoot. There could be fifty if the wings are small enough. We agreed, though, that the wings have to be big... really big. And no, we aren't charging extra for sauce. You can have a soup bowl full of ranch dressing if you need it.

March 14, 2007  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Hey Keeneye,

I read your blog yesterday and was disappointed to see that you're restaurant is way out in Baker City. I'm going to keep an keen eye (sorry) on your progress and plan a road trip out for a slice, and some wings.

LOVE that you aren't going to charge for sauce! LOVE IT!

March 15, 2007  
Blogger Jen said...

Try the coke wings... they are divoooone. :)

March 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burgers are very good. Not too big but big enough. The fries are ok but then again they have just about every other fried veggie under the sun so guess you can't complain too much.'s almost worth going to Hardy's just to hang with the blonde cashier that's always there. She chatty, blonde, and hotter than their wings.

Oh...and she LOVES cars. Can't get any better than that.

September 27, 2007  

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