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Hardy's Freakin' Hot Wings and Hamburgers

Hardy's Coke Wings, Freakin' Hot Wings and a Hamburger

After our last trip to Hardy's Hot Wings and Hamburgers, we wanted to try the hottest hot wings they offer as well as the Coke wings. We also split a hamburger.

First the burger....soooo NOT worth the money. The burger starts at $7 and can easily go past $10 depending on toppings at $0.75 each for things like cheese and bacon (which should just come standard in my opinion). The burger was really small and just a basic burger. I was not impressed or even pleased with it. I'll stick with wings from now on at Hardy's.

Coke Wings - On other blogs I've read as well as a comment from Jen, people really like the Coke Wings. These are wings that have been slathered with Coca Cola syrup. The wife liked them, "not loved them, the honey BBQ is still the best in my book". I did NOT like them! In fact, I hated them.

I know I'm in the minority here with these wings but I just did not like the flavor of flat Coke on my wings. It tasted like someone spilled their soda over my dinner, let it sit for a couple hours and then served it up. If I want some hot wings and a Coke, that's completely different than having a Coke ON my wings. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I like dipping my cookies in milk but that doesn't mean I want to have milk flavored cookies. I like root beer floats but I hate root beer flavored ice cream. I like coffee but I hate coffee flavored anything.

You see where I'm going with this? There are exceptions from time to time. I love beer and I really really enjoyed the Stout Ice Cream at the Deschutes Beer Dinner but I had already enjoyed many pints that evening. Maybe that's the secret to these Coke wings. Maybe you all were trashed when you had them? Ok, I'm just teasing now.

Now for the Freakin' Hot Wings....AWESOME! Man, I haven't had a wing this hot in ages. The flavor was great as least for the first wing. After that I just was trying to not have a heart attack. The wife set the timer as we wanted to see how many I could eat in 15 minutes.


8 wings in 15 minutes. I destroyed the first three in about two minutes and had to wait a while for my heart rate to settle and the flames to simmer down a touch on my lips. My mouth literally was on fire. Then as I realized there was no way I could eat 15 in 15 minutes so I slowed it down.

I also started dipping the wings into the most expensive ounce of ranch dressing ever in hopes of the dairy to magically relieve the pain. You'd think they made their ranch with gold dust and keep it under lock and key. I wonder if their ranch is delivered in Armored Trucks. I see the heist scene from Heat as Val Kilmer and Robert De Nero target the Hardy's armored truck as their next big score for selling on the street. Hardy's a player though, he'd buy them back at half the price from Bobby D (yeah, that's what I call him, we're cool like that), claim the loss to collect insurance, and still make out like a bandit. But I'd still have to pay $0.75 an ounce to quench my burning lips from the Freakin' Hot Wings.

Anyway, if you like HOT wings, The Freakin Hot Wings at Hardy's are freakin awesome, baby!

238 NE Third St.

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3What? Got something to say?

Blogger Unknown said...

Hate to say it but I've been very underwhelmed with Hardy's, too.

March 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Hardy's but they are a bit over priced. My fave wings are the mild bbq. I'd never try a freakin' hot after just one dip of it on my tongue. ACK! I also love their Chef salad, but then again, for a fast food like meal, they are still on the pricy side. A guilty pleasure I suppose.

December 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont care what anyone says about hardys its the best food for someone who wants to get full.. everyone is just so cheap so paying $10.00 is just outragous, thinking thats to much for a burger fries a refillable drink, and excellent service. If thats to much a mcdonalds $6.95 meal is probably for you..

June 08, 2009  

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