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Taco Del Mar Bend Oregon

Taco Del Mar in Bend Oregon

First off let me warn you about the photo below...not appetizing at all. I have been to Taco Del Mar a few times now but I have not had the chance to get a good photo. So I snapped this one after I got home. If I wasnt' satisfied with my experiences at Tac Del Mar then I'd probably just leave this one and call it a day. But, I thoroughly enjoy the meals and the value for my hard earned money (well, my earned money).

Anyway, the Taco Del Mar over by Best Buy in the Cascade Village serves up Mondo Burritos and Rippin' Tacos. I have yet to try one of the Rippin Tacos but it's on my list. So far I have tried the Mondo Burritoes. The first burrito I tried was wet (covered in enchilada sauce). But since then I have decided that I don't want to spend $1.25 extra just for enchilada sauce. Instead, I roll that buck twenty fiver on over to the extra portion of meat. Now THAT's worth a buck!


I have here a really poorly taken photo of my delicious and hella spicy Mondo Pork Burrito. The pork wasnt that spicy but their home made hot sauce is. I have enjoyed everything that I have ordered here so far and their service is fast and friendly. I can't wait to go there again after I shop at Bed, Bath...oh I mean Best Buy...yeah that's it...TVs and Computers...yeah.

What I like about the fast service is the Subway style ordering...only good food, and generous portions. You get to choose your flavor of tortilla, then ingredients including type of beans, meat, salsa, whatnot. Good stuff.

Taco Del Mar

63455 N. Hwy 97 Suite 41
Bend, OR 97701

Here's a much better photo sent to me from the owner (slightly better than mine):

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried this place and felt like I was in line at a buffet and the items had been on line to long. Dry and lack of flavor would not bring me back here soon.

August 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The food is great! Had the mojito burrito. If you want service with a smile then you might want to go some where else. Been to the Bend location twice now and have receive some of the most unfriendly rude service I have had anywhere in years. So I guess if that is an issue then you will wait until the 2 young ladies that run the joint are releived of they jobs and replaced with friendlier staff.

October 18, 2007  

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