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Updated - Something for COCAAN

Kyle, a very kind reader, was nice enough to recommend that I read the Google Adwords Program Policy (well really he said the Terms and Conditions but it doesnt mention anything about encouraging visitors to click on ads). Then he called me bubby. I think he meant to call me buddy, but we're not friends. So I guess he gave me a cool nickname. I like it. Thanks Kyle.

"Web pages may not include incentives of any kind for users to click on ads. This includes encouraging users to click on the ads or to visit the advertisers' sites as well as drawing any undue attention to the ads."

So here is an updated version of my previous post in which I was explaining how I plan to help COCAAN feed the hungry citizens of Central Oregon:

Many bloggers use Google Ads as a means to raise money for their hard work and time it takes to create posts to keep you informed or entertained. (I'll leave that since it is merely stating the obvious)

If my blog were to generate any revenue by any means (Advertisers, feel free to contact me to purchase ad space...if you want) I plan to donate all of the money raised to COCAAN's Feed the Need program. I say "my plan" because I haven't actually been able to give them any money yet. As soon as I have "collected" $100 (magically or whatever) I will send that money on over to COCAAN.

So as you enjoy reading my reviews, please show your support (however you like). COCAAN's Feed the Need program is a good cause.

I'm not sure how I'll verify this process yet. I don't want you (yeah you, the person reading this) to doubt my intentions. Maybe I'll post a copy of the receipt or something like that. I'll figure something out. Anyway, keep reading these reviews and support COCAAN!!!

What is COCAAN?
Founded in 1985, the Central Oregon Community Action Agency Network (COCAAN) is a private nonprofit organization established to serve and speak out for economically disadvantaged people in Central Oregon. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by helping remove the barriers that prevent people from achieving economic self-sufficiency.

COCAAN is not a government agency, but a private nonprofit agency whose funding comes from federal, state and local sources, grants from private foundations and donations from individuals and businesses. Our work is founded on confidence that the community, including local governments, the private sector and low-income persons can work together to forge solutions to both the immediate impacts of poverty and its long-term causes.

Please help support COCAAN's Feed the Need Program by:

Reading This - Maybe
Donating Funds
Donating Food

4What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you are asking people to steal from AdWords advertisers (I pay upwards of $2.00 per click) because you ate freakin' steak the other night and posted on a free blog about it?

I hope google bans your account and refuses to pay you a single dime for encouraging fraudulent clicks. You better re-read Adsense terms and conditions a little more closely, bubby.

November 07, 2006  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

How are people stealing from Adwords? Visitors that click on ads don't get anything out of it other than viewing the sponsor's site ... which is the point of ads. Sounds like Advertising 101 to me.

You should thank me that people are looking at your site. What's the point of have a link to your site in an Ad if you didnt want people to click on it and visit your site.

I wasn't saying click on any ad just for fun. I said click on the ads as you see fit. Sounds good to me but I'm not paying $2 per click so I don't really care.

That steak was gooood Kyle. I hope Google does pay me so I can send that money on to charity. Is it really that bad? Do you really hate charities? I send visitors to sites advertising on my site and you consider them stealing (still confused on this one)

Seriously, bubby? cmon Kyle.

I have updated the post...hopefully Google won't ban me and hold back the $25 my visitors have raised....FOR CHARITY.



November 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I do consider it stealing, not from Adwords, but from the advertisers who pay for them.

Encouraging people to click on ads when especially if they have no intention of purchasing what is offered in the ad adds up to one thing: theft.

When I have to pay google $2.00 per click because you are telling you're readers that clicking ads they will be helping contribute to a charitable cause, you are stealing from me.

I don't want people looking at my site because you tell them to, I want people looking at my site because they want to buy what I'm selling. I'm not horribly excited to pay 2 bucks when someone who has zero interest in my product clicks on an ad to help you or your charity out. Which is exactly what you are suggesting they do.

I donate plenty of my time to charitable organizations, so don't start with that crap. And yes, Bubby: the best combination of Bubba and Buddy there is.

November 08, 2006  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

You make a valid point Kyle, not about the stealing, that still doesn’t make sense. You should feel robbed that you have to pay $2 a click. Have you tried better ad copy or bidding on better keywords? Anyway, I think you have read my comment in response to yours but have you read my post again since I updated it? I’m not asking people to click on ads. I’m just asking them to show their support anyway they like. It’s up to them how they show their support and I provide options. I have even removed a previous post in which I had similar content.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less what my visitors do with the Ads, but you are right, the policy does state that “web pages may not encourage users to click on ads”.

By the way, can I interest you in purchasing ad space? I only charge $1.97 a click. Just jokes Spailor, I wouldn’t charge per click. In fact, I don’t know what your site is but I’d give you FREE ad space if you like. It’s the least I could do since you gave me such a cool nickname. Let’s talk.

If anyone approached me to purchase some ad space, I wouldn’t charge them on a per click basis cause that’s silly. It obviously works for Google, but it doesn’t seem to make users like yourself enthusiastic about the costs. Especially when people are promoting those ads…shame on them.

Anyway, I don’t want the intention of my response to be taken as me arguing or fighting with you on this. I get your point and it’s a valid one. Any messaging asking for support is intended to let my visitors know where the money I raise from this blog is going. So, if they want to support the same charity, they can by donating food or funds directly….or….

Take care Spailor (Sport and Sailor),


November 09, 2006  

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