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El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

El Rancho Grande Restaurant - Bend Oregon

After reading Jen's review of El Rancho Grande, a newer Mexican restaurant in the Cascade Village, I had to try it out. Is it just me or is the menu almost identical to El Caporal's menu? Is it a standard menu item to have the Deluxe Burrito "Our most popular burrito" at all Mexican restaurants? I swear the description for the Expresso and Deluxe burritos are identical at both locations.

I'm not saying that this is a conspiracy or something. I'm just saying that it's very similar to El Caporal's. I wonder if the owners are all from the same extended family like La Rosa, El Jimadore, El Caporal, and El Rodeo are. Actually I don't know if that last statement is true or not. I heard from one of the employees at El Caporal that they are all owned by one big family. They are related to each other in some manner. So I don't know for sure or not, just what I heard.

Anyway, back to my lunch at El Cap...I mean El Rancho Grande. I usually go with enchiladas when trying a new Mexican restaurant. That's my intro dish. Just like if I go to an Italian restaurant I test out the Shrimp Fettucini. At Japanese restaurants I compare tempura. Does everyone have a default dish? I know Jen likes the Mole!

Today I wanted to do my enchilada standby but thought I'd change it up slightly. I asked for one picadillo (shredded beef) and the other to be pork which isn't on the menu. Our waiter said sure like it was no biggy at all. I liked that.

What I was not prepared for was the green sauce. It made sense because it goes well with the pork but I was expecting the normal red enchilada sauce.

The pork was tender and juicy and with the green sauce, these enchiladas were great. I thought the picadillo was a bit saltier than other restaurants but it was still good. When you get enchiladas that are chicken or beef, they do give you the regular red enchilada sauce (I asked).

After my lunch I was satisfied. I will go back there if I'm on that side of town shopping at BestBuy or Ross. I love Ross! "I got it at Ross" is a jingle I sing as I look in my closet full of $4 shirts that I scored there. Just because one sleeve is longer than the other or it's missing every third button doesn't mean it's not wearable. What? You think you're too good for Ross? Love that place, even if it sort of smells and I want to wash my hands immediately after leaving (like after going to Walmart). Places like that should provide some germ killing lotions as you enter/leave.

One thing that I found a little annoying about El Rancho Grande was that you get the chips and salsa for free (actually that part I love) but they will charge you $1.75 for additional chips and salsa. Might as well charge $0.25 for refills on water. The chips and salsa were delicious though. I'd bet that there isn't a restaurant that serves a spicier salsa when you sit down. That junk was HOT. Not hot enough for me to shell out $1.75 for more. Skip that nonsense.

I do appreciate the complimentary chips and salsa though. I wish all restaurants offered chips and salsa. Skip the bread with oil and vinegar, give me the SALSA!

El Rancho Grande
63455 N Hwy 97

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