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Little Pizza Paradise

Little Pizza Paradise

One day I overheard someone mention that there was a little pizza place on the corner of Butler Market and 27th. I made a special effort to go out that way to check it out. Little Pizza Paradise shares a parking lot with a gas station and a kung fu shop and some other weird/random East Side shops.

I jumped in for a lunch time slice. Little Pizza Paradise boasts that they make their own dough daily, use only the best ingredients, and bake their pizza in an authentic stone deck oven making them the only option for authentic Chicago style pizza. Their tag line is "a taste of Chicago." I got a slice of pepperoni.

Eh. It wasn't anything to jump up and down about but it wasn't horrible either. In all my travels, I don't think I ever actually had a slice of real Chicago style pizza. I have had real NY pizza in NY. I think it was Famous Rays, or Famous Original Rays. It was at the nexus of the universe on the corner of 1st and First.

So I don't really have a benchmark for comparison. I did like the little pepperoni slices that curl up and make these little grease cups. I shake in a little Parmesan cheese and it sort of melts in and turns all yellow from the grease. MMMM oily. I also liked the amount of cheese. It was an ok slice.

Little Pizza Paradise

2625 NE Butler Market Rd # B
Bend, OR 97701-7690
(541) 312-2577


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